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RedmineNB V1.0-Beta (Update)

2012-04-19 31 comments

The V1.0 Beta release of the RedmineNB Plugin for NetBeans is available. RedmineNB adds support for Redmine issue tracker (Version 1.3.0+) to NetBeans and is built on top of the redmine-java-api library.

Many bug fixes and several improvements are featured in the Beta release:

  • [REDMINENB-1] – New Issue: Casting exception leads to messed up UI
  • [REDMINENB-2] – Update issue: Hours cast Long->Double exception
  • [REDMINENB-6] – Implement add comment (used from commit dialog box)
  • [REDMINENB-7] – Class Cast Exception makes UI unusable
  • [REDMINENB-11] – Can’t create Redmine issue tracker
  • [REDMINENB-16] – Exception occurs when specifying parent task number
  • [REDMINENB-3] – Update issue: Give feedback when successfully updated
  • [REDMINENB-19] – Add Update Center

Since RedmineNB has an implementation dependency to the Issue Tracking module the plugin is only compatible with NetBeans 7.1.1. A Redmine V1.3.0+ installation is required for best compatibility (tested with V1.3.1 and V1.4.0). There are some limitations in the functionality since the used Redmine REST API is not yet fully developed.

The plugin can be downloaded from the RedmineNB project@kenai or installed by the new Update Center:

The downloaded distribution also installs the Update Center for automatically receive updates. For more information please consult the project’s Wiki. Please report bugs and feature request in the project’s JIRA.

Please note that RedmineNB is still under development and not intended for production use.

Update (2012-04-25):

The “Can’t find resource for bundle …”-Problem has been fixed with Version 1.0.7 (available fron the Update Center).