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CoolEditorActions V1.1.19 released

This is a minor update of the CoolEditorActions NetBeans Plugin and includes the following changes:

New and noteworthy in V1.1.19

  • Update Center integration
  • Added new actions to the Project folder sub menu:
    CoolEditorActions Popup Menu
  • The “Open in System” behavior can be configured in the new Options Panel:
  • The NetBeans Default implementation of “Open in System” depends on the Java Desktop API. On the SunOS and Linux Platforms, this API is dependent on Gnome libraries. If those libraries are unavailable, the Desktop API is not available. But now you can define Custom Commands for opening files and folders! The Command of the general File Type “file” is used if no special command is set to the specific MIME Type of a file.

The Plugin is compatible with NetBeans 7.1 and can be downloaded from here:

  1. 2012-02-23 at 13:56

    Somehow the button doesn’t show up in the editor with CSS /HTML and Javascript files. It only shows with PHP files.

    I was trying to create a command to run an script to minify CSS files, but as the button doesn’t show up I don’t know how to do this. Also the add and remove buttons don’t work.

    Netbeans 7.1 PHP on ubuntu 10.10 64

    • 2012-02-23 at 15:47

      strange… the CEA toolbar button should appear also with file of type css and html. Can you see any exception in the IDE Log (Menu > View)?
      I know that the plugin doesn’t work with image files, but not with css/html files. I’ve tested this on OSX and Win7. I’ll try it on a ubuntu Virtual Box machine.

      Yes indeed… the add and remove buttons are not implemented yet 😉

  2. 2012-02-23 at 14:21

    If I’m right your great plug-in is opening options for features like mentioned here:


    Do you think that’s possible?

  3. 2012-02-28 at 11:59

    Great, it’s nice to see promising developments. I see it like a Netbeans equivalent of external tools for gedit.
    I will take a look at Kenai

  4. 2012-02-28 at 12:00

    One more issue:
    I tried a command, cleared it, but now it gives an error message, command failed, empty command, it doesn’t go back to default.

  5. Гершевич Георгий
    2018-03-30 at 06:36


    I use CoolEditorActions for years! Thank you!

    Unfortunately kenay project is gone. Could you please move source to github or something else?

    Thank you!

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