I’m a Senior Java Programmer working and living in Central Switzerland.

  1. 2012-03-7 at 10:00

    Hi, found your blog from http://code.google.com/p/cubeon/issues/detail?id=51&q=redmine. I’m very interested in the Redmine plugin you’re writing for NetBeans: http://kenai.com/projects/redminenb, and would appreciate any info you have on this. I know there’s a lot of developers out there that would be very happy with a working integration between these two systems.

  2. quangtin3
    2012-12-21 at 04:10

    Hi Anchialas,

    I have a small tools to make any Internal NetBeans Modules be friend with our own module, I named it “Module Friendlizer”. That I want to share with RedmineNB, in hope that it maybe help.

    A bit more about Module Friendlizer: In work, We do have internal-using tools and They need some of Netbeans’s core modules (in RedmineNB’s case is Issue Tracking, but own dependences on J2ee-Perssistence and Web-Common for Automatic / Code Generation). So this small tools can help people install RedmineNB plugin on the range of compatible-tested NetBeans version without have to make each version for every NetBeans. (Usually, each versions only different in dependence declaration).
    The best option, I think, is asking NetBeans Developers to make RedmineNB (or our internal modules) in the module’s friend-list. But this option is not alway available.

    About your RedmineNB project, It’s really nice. We’re in considering for switching from Mantis to Redmine for Issues/Bug tracker, so this project event contribute another good factor for the switching. Thanks you for sharing this.

    • 2012-12-21 at 13:10

      Hi quangtin3

      Thank for your comment. Yes indeed, the friend dependency to the issue tracking module is a problem. I’ve no power to create a version for each NetBeans Release.
      Your “Module Friendlizer” sounds really good! I want to have a look at this tool. Maybe I’ll have time to integrate it in the chrismas holiday…

      How can we proceed?

      • quangtin3
        2012-12-24 at 03:28

        Sorry for taking so long time in response.

        I created an Improvement Ticket in RedmineNB Jira page to keep track of this work. May be in case you’re going to using its someway.

        RedmineNB’s Jira doesn’t allow me to upload source-code (Wiki neither too), event after logged in (newly create account). So I put it on GitHub:

        Hope it helps.

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