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Toolbar buttons with label

2012-04-16 6 comments

As default, any action in a NetBeans toolbar is displayed with an icon only. If you want to show also a label for a desired action you have to implement a Presenter.TOOLBAR. If you don’t want do this for each action, register a custom org.openide.awt.Actions.ButtonActionConnector like this:

 * @see org.openide.awt.Actions#connect(AbstractButton, Action)
@ServiceProvider(service = ButtonActionConnector.class, position = 100)
public class MyButtonActionConnector implements ButtonActionConnector {

   public boolean connect(AbstractButton button, Action action) {
      String text = (String)action.getValue("menuText"); // NOI18N
      if (text != null) {
         String desc = (String)action.getValue(Action.SHORT_DESCRIPTION);
         if (desc != null) {
         } else {
         return true;
      return false;

   public boolean connect(JMenuItem item, Action action, boolean popup) {
      return false; // use default implementation

If the property menuText is set, the the button is configured with icon and text. The basic use of the menuText Property is (copied from @ActionRegistration‘s javadoc):

Provides the JMenuItem text if one wants to use other than the name of the action returned by ActionRegistration.displayName().

With the custom ButtonActionConnector this property is “extended” to show a toolbar button text if supplied.

Provide a value for the @ActionRegistration’s menuText Attribute for the desired action(s):

@ActionRegistration(displayName = "#CTL_PwdChangeAction",
                    menuText = "#CTL_PwdChangeAction",
                    iconBase = "resources/key.png")
@ActionReference(path = "Toolbars/User")
@Messages("CTL_PwdChangeAction=Change Password…")
public final class PwdChangeAction implements ActionListener {



Tested with NetBeans 7.1.1 (see comments)